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Arizona Gold/Gem 40 ac MiningClaim $500/mo

Sold: 40 Acres Priced At $3,500 (USD)
Sedona, Arizona, United States
Property Images Property location map and directions

This is a legally registered 40 acre gold and gem mining claim for sale, the Sedona Golden Gem #12, located just 10 miles SW of Sedona.
A large extended wash is on the claim being a good place for gold, and the buttes on the claim are good places for gems.
There are 2 large camping spots, both for any size vehicle/RV.
Nearby is the Sedona Wetland Preserve with great nature viewing.
Scroll down lower left on this listing to see larger pdf file maps and satellite views,
and a number of area information links.

To purchase our claim, the process would be, I would need your name(s) and address where I would scan and email you a signed contract, and which payment option you choose:

Total price of $3500, that can be paid in one full payment where your ownership is then transferred after receiving payment,
or $3500, paying $500 per month for 7 months.

Owner financing, No credit check. No interest charged.
You can use the claim as yours while making monthly payments.
Ownership transfer after final monthly payment.
A signed contract will precede payment.

Yavapai County where our claims are located in the central part of Arizona, ranks first historically in the State in gold production.

Known also as a gem area, when the rains start coming, Verde Valley rockhounds come running. The gem hunting in this area is so popular that a large club is active in Sedona.
Quartz is abundant and is also an area for crystals, turquoise, amethyst, jasper, agates, opals, and some can be found above ground.
The Sedona Rockhounding Club has one area they explore being from Sedona stretching southwest to the town of Crown King.
Our claims are in this direct path for gem exploration.
We found quartz, agate and crystals on this claim.

Having been to Sedona in the past and loving our experience, we looked to locate claims there.
We were also motivated by a claim in this area where the family has owned and worked it since 1947.
Our claims are just outside the Sycamore Wilderness area and the beauty of our claim area is much like the beautiful rock formation landscapes around Sedona and the Wilderness Area.
There are extended washes on the claims in an area of several ponds, unique to the Arizona wilderness.
Our clams are in Yavapai County, being in the same county as the new TV gold prospecting show on The Discovery Channel, Dave Turin’s Lost Mine.
The Sedona Mago Resort is nearby.
Cool Village of Oak Creek is just 5 miles south of Sedona.
Within hiking distance is the Sedona Wetlands Preserve that attracts a large variety of birds where there is a parking area, restrooms, and picnic benches.

I am a retired teacher, and got into prospecting as a hobby with my family.
I am 69 and my wife 66, and we have gained the experience to select the best areas to locate claims.
We feel we are selling more than the gold and gems on beautiful land.
You would be acquiring an experience that will give you a good feel for what the old time prospectors must have felt during the days of the original Arizona Gold Rush.

A mining claim is an affordable way to enjoy the beauty of the land combined with the adventure of panning for gold and searching for gems.

If within one year you are not satisfied with your claim, you can trade for another comparable claim, just paying the BLM and County transfer fees which will be about $125.

Claim buyer will also receive a new, free, Gold Panning Kit:
One 14 inch Gold Trap pan; One 10.5 inch Gravity Trap pan, One combination sifter/classifier with 7/16 of an inch exit holes, One Gold Guzzler snuffer bottle, One Tweezers/ Magnifying Glass combo tool, One booklet titled "How to Find Gold", and Two plastic bottles.

The washes on the claim are a great advantage for prospecting, especially when the summer rains run down the washes, then depositing gold flakes down from the mountains and rock formations, and which also exposes gem veins.

Owning a mining claim is having access to a lifetime of great family fun and recreation, in a very beautiful, natural setting: Arizona, is a great, scenic state, where the spirit of the old west still lives on.
Mining Claims are also a great investment, as claims go up in value over time, just as land does.
if you purchase a claim from us, at no charge, I would help you if you ever decided to sell in the future.

This is a 40 acre unpatented, gold and gem mining claim, the Sedona Golden Gem #12 placer claim. The claim is legally registered with the Bureau of Land Management out of Phoenix and Yavapai County. You own the mineral rights, not sharing with others, on the 40 acres, and use your 40 acres, recreationally for camping: tent, camper, or RV, and prospecting. In awesome Sycamore Canyon and the San Francisco Mountains, with beautiful views of mountain ranges and rock formations. Great combination of good access, wilderness beauty, and gold and gem prospecting potential.

Yavapai County is one of the four original Arizona counties formed in September of 1864, one year after the Arizona Territory was established. The County was named after the Yavapai Tribe, whose name means the “people of the sun.”

Sedona is red rock country. Multi-hued stone formations jut upwards from the high desert floor creating a vivid, mesmerizing setting that changes hourly with the light. When USA Weekend compiled their Most Beautiful Places in America list, Sedona claimed the top spot.  Surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land, visitors have instant access to recreational activities. Trails for hiking and biking, along with bouncy jeep tracks, weave among the bristling forest of pinnacles, spires, buttes and domes. Yet, you’re never far from the indulgences of town.
Sedona is equal parts rugged, equal parts resort. Regarded by Native Americans as sacred, Sedona continues to be recognized as a place of healing and spiritual renewal. Many come to experience the vortex energy centers of Sedona. Others want to prowl the 40-plus art galleries lining the streets, or to receive soothing treatments from the dozens of spa facilities. Most recently, with its nearby vineyards and tasting rooms, Sedona has emerged as a destination for wine enthusiasts.
Many Westerns have been filmed in this area, going back to the late, great John Wayne.

The Grand Canyon is 2 hours north, and there are day tours out of Sedona.

See the listing onsite pictures, showing one of the most beautiful areas in Arizona. This claim is surrounded by mountain and rock formation views. Located in the Coconino National Forest and the San Francisco Mountains.
Location Monument is a 4 foot wood post that has been placed, with an attached copy of our Location Notice, as required by the Arizona BLM.

For the possibility of constructing any building you or others could live in, you need to file a Plan of Operation with the BLM for approval, showing you have developed a full-time operation performing diligent mining.
You do not need a plan, permission nor a permit to camp and prospect.
You do not need to be a full time prospector to file a Plan for a shed type structure.

With an approved BLM Plan of Operation, a building can be built on the land: any building that benefits and improves the claim.
As stated by the BLM, this can be the "construction of a building, road, fence, or enclosure necessary for mining."
Current usage, is what the BLM calls, Casual Use: panning, shovel, rock hammer, metal detector, recycling sluice box, where no permission nor permit is needed to camp and prospect.
You can prospect as little or as much as you like.
Now that we have located the claim, you never have to declare to the BLM any gold or gems you find.

On our trips to the claim, we found about 1/4 of an ounce of gold in and around the extended wash on the claim, value approx. $300. Those with more time to prospect may find more. Today's gold prices are over $1200/ounce.
We also collected a small bucket full of some nice quartz, agate, and crystal specimens.
Gemstones are big business for collectors and valuable for jewelry.
Arizona has a number of places to sell the gold and gems you find.
Though we could never guarantee what you will find, we did locate this claim in an historically rich area for gold and gem prospecting.

You are allowed to post No Trespassing for Prospecting signs in and around the claim.
A mining claim owner may limit or restrict public recreational use of/or public access across claims or portions of claims that are actively used for prospecting, mining, or processing operations where public recreational use of a claim would endanger or materially interfere with legitimate mining pursuits.

40 acres = 1320 ft. x 1320 ft.

This claim has direct, national forest road access, areas for camping, and gold and gems discovered in prospecting.

Driving Directions:
A higher clearance vehicle will be needed for both claim entrances once you are off of 525 where 525 can accommodate any type of vehicle.

About 10 miles west of Sedona.
Take AZ-89A South out of Sedona.
Take a right, north, on National Forest Road 525 also called Loy Butte Road.
Then 2.8 miles north to Forest Road 525C to take a left.
Then .5 miles (1/2 mile) to Forest Road 525A take a left going south.
Then 1.6 miles on 525A to Forest Road intersection 09543, using claim GPS corner coordinates below. About 1/4 mile east from intersection to claim #12.
525A/09543 intersection is at GPS point 34.833157, -111.942776.
Is about 2 hours north of Phoenix.

You can also enter to the claim from the West:
Take Hwy 89A out of Sedona going West for about 16 miles.
To take a right/North onto N. Bill Gray Road where on your left on this road you will see a Catholic Church and cemetery, (N. Bill Gray Rd. is also known as Forest Road 761).
Continue on N. Bill Gray Road where it will fork to the right about .6 miles from 89A, then staying on this road.
To right/East on Forest Road 525A.
About 7 miles from 89A/N. Bill Gray Road to intersection with Forest Road 09543, 525A/FR/09543 intersection is at GPS point 34.832958, -111.942542, then about 1/4 mile east to the claim, following GPS coordinates further below to Sedona Golden Gem #12.

The washes on the claim become gold mineralized ground and act as gold catch basins.
This claim is in a very mineralized area, and is great for rock hounds, metal detecting, relic hunting, fossils, gems, and artifacts.
You will also discover gem veins on the surrounding buttes, at the base of the mountains, and in the rock formations.

A transfer of ownership is a sale of legal, exclusive ownership of a mining claim site. To be a legally recorded claim, gold and/or gems had to be found on the claim, which was completed by us, as we are the original claim locators.

Your ownership is legally conveyed via a Quit Claim deed, and legally recorded with the BLM and Pinal County. A Quit Claim deed is the required legal document per the BLM.
Each year, on or before September 1st, you need to file a form with the Bureau of Land Management, along with $330. We will supply this form to you. Fee is paid, not due again until Sept. 1, 2020.
There are no taxes on mining claims in Arizona.
You must be a current US citizen with a US address to own a mining claim in the US.
2 names are needed on your deed.

An unpatented mining claim is a specific parcel of federal land, valuable for a specific mineral deposit or deposits. It is a parcel for which an individual has asserted a legal right of possession and the right to develop and extract a discovered, valuable, mineral deposit. Mining claims are real property that you can buy, sell, or inherit. After proving the existence of valuable minerals on the land, the claim is legally recorded with the Bureau of Land Management, and Yavapai County.

Your 40 acres is the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 28, T17N, R4E, GSRM, known as the Sedona Golden Gem #12, 40 acres. Claim number: AMC457067

Gold always occurs in gravels in the metallic state and when so found has various physical characteristics. Gold is dense and heavy, it has a characteristic metallic color, and it is soft and easily malleable (it is easily formed by hammering). These are the characteristics used by prospectors to identify gold in the field. Placer gold occurs on the claim as small grains derived from gossan formed by weathering, and oxidation of the gold, copper and iron rich veins. Gold also occurs as grains flakes and small nuggets derived from the erosion of mineralized fault zones.
Arizona is one of the highest caliber rockhounding states and receives visitors from all corners of the world in search of Arizona rocks, gemstones, minerals and fossils which find themselves scattered across this geologic treasure trove. There's a reason that one of the largest gem and mineral shows in the world is held in Arizona.
The Federal Government owns the land.
You are purchasing the mineral rights.
You can legally camp for free, with camper and RV on the whole 40 acres.
A claim owner does not need permission nor a permit to camp and prospect.
Prospect, explore, and camp on the whole 40 acres.
This is not a sharing of a mining claim: Is your exclusive ownership.

To purchase our claim, the process would be, I would need your name(s) and address where I would scan and email you a signed contract, and which payment option you choose:

Total price of $3500, that can be paid in one full payment where your ownership is then transferred after receiving payment,
or $3500, paying $500 per month for 7 months.

Owner financing, No credit check. No interest charged.
You can use the claim as yours while making monthly payments.
Ownership transfer after final monthly payment.
A signed contract will precede payment

After your final monthly payment, my wife and I will process 2 notarized deeds, transferring our claim ownership over to you, with both the BLM and Yavapai County.

GPS Coordinates:
Sedona Golden Gem #12

NW 34.8327, -111.94057
NE 34.8327, -111.93625
SW 34.82916, -111.94057
SE 34.82916, -111.93625


"We live in Arizona and purchased a mining claim from Mr. Leu.
The claim is everything as advertised. The Superstition Mountains make for awesome views. We have camped on our claim a number of times and have found gold in the wash on our claim. We are very happy with our purchase.”

“Living in another state, we were a little skeptical on buying a mining claim in Arizona. But our personal experience with Mr. Leu has been a family blessing.
Our camping and prospecting on our claim has brought our family closer together.
We were so pleased, we bought a claim in Colorado from Mr. Leu, and are looking to buy one also in California as we look to plan family vacations around our claims.”

“Love my Arizona claim! I have been spending a lot of time there. I’ve found relics, artifacts and some gold. I am so happy with my purchase, and thank you for being honest and trustworthy.”

And just a note of encouragement for you if purchase:
My wife and I have located, prospected on, and sold mining claims in
California, Colorado, & Arizona, going on now for over 10 years.
You can trust we will process your notarized deeds correctly and quickly.
In that mining claims are processed thru the Bureau of Land Management, a
Federal Govt. agency, not following thru per our legally signed contract, would be a federal crime. I certainly will do what I say, and would never put myself nor my wife in any legal jeopardy.
Also, we have sold properties on 4 sites online for over 10 years:
Landsalelistings, Landwatch, LandandFarm, and LandsofAmerica.
Our continued good status on these sites is due to our always following thru, as just one time we would not, we would not be allowed to sell on these sites ever again.


Gold Dust in Arizona's Washes:

Use of Drywasher

How to build a Recirculating Sluice Box

Gold Magic Spin Wheel, creek or no creek, gold and gems

One of many places to sell your gold discoveries

Arizona Gem Show to sell your gem discoveries

Town of Sedona Information

More Sedona Information

Yavapai County Information

Coconino National Forest

Nearby Sedona Mago Resort

Nearby Sedona Wetlands Preserve

Village of Oak Creek, 5 miles south of Sedona

Village of Oak Creek Map

Red Rocks State Park, only 10 miles away

Grand Canyon Day Tour Out of Sedona

For more information visit:

Land Uses & Features
Recreational Property • Investment Property • Hunting Land • Mountain Real Estate • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) • Views

PDF Documents / Brochures
Open Document   Claim GPS corners map satellite view pdf file
Open Document   Camping spots satellite view pdf file
Open Document   Claim topography location map pdf file

Property Location
City/Town: Sedona
Zip/Postal Code: 86336
State / Province:   Arizona
Country: United States
Property Location Map, GPS Coordinates & Directions

Owner / Agent / Sellers Information

Name: Michael Leu
Address: 7705 St. James Dr.
Mentor, Ohio
44060, United States

Have questions about this property? Ask the owner/seller by using the form below.
  Contact Michael Leu
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LSL Listing ID: 51534

Claim views
Claim views

Claim views
Claim views

Claim area views
Claim area views

Views top of claim butte
Views top of claim butte

Wash on the claim
Wash on the claim

Wash on the claim
Wash on the claim

GPS corners map satellite view
GPS corners map satellite view

Camping spots satellite view
Camping spots satellite view

Claim topography location map
Claim topography location map

Claim road
Claim road

Claim road
Claim road

525A road sign
525A road sign

FR 761 is N. Bill Gray Road
FR 761 is N. Bill Gray Road

Nearby town of Sedona
Nearby town of Sedona

We go where the gold is!
We go where the gold is!

Crystals on claim
Crystals on claim

Agate on claim
Agate on claim

Dry washer
Dry washer

Gold Magic spin wheel
Gold Magic spin wheel

Water recycling wash plant
Water recycling wash plant

Claim area views
Claim area views

Road on the way views
Road on the way views

Road on the way to claim
Road on the way to claim

Terrain Satellite view road map
Terrain Satellite view road map

Yavapai County location map
Yavapai County location map

Free panning kit
Free panning kit

Claim views
Claim views

Quartz on the claim
Quartz on the claim

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