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001 Lower Nicut Road MLS 102683

Was Removed by the Seller
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LSL Listing ID: 33213

Name: John Francis Threlkeld
Company: WV Land Farm and Home Realty, Inc.
Address: 6054 Big Otter Hwy.
Big Otter, West Virginia
25113, United States
Other Phone: 304-565-3403
Website: www.wvlfh.com
Hi, I'm a relocated Floridian. For 16 years I've located land and homes for relatives and friends, who wanted to have their own property, in the "Lost Frontier East of the Mississippi". This coupled with real estate sales running in my blood, for two generations, inspired me to get in the business full time. No matter what your needs, there is a large selection of listings that is sure to satisfy them. Whether you are "in the market" for land for hunting, developement or building a vacation home, kick back and enjoy the slow pace of living that we enjoy. You will love West Virginia. It is a basic fact that no one likes to feel like they are being sold. If the advantages of a property doesn't sell itself, there isn't much anyone can say to sell it to you. I would not even try.... If you require doing business with a person of integrity and a sense of honor, give me a call. I'm within reach. john@wvlfh.com

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