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MLS 101934 00 Tariff Road

Was Removed by the Seller (SOLD)
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LSL Listing ID: 22414

Name: Bruce Bienvenue
Company: WV Land Farm & Home Realty LLC
Address: 6054 Big Otter Hwy Rt 16
Ivydale, West Virginia
25113, United States
304 286 9930
Website: www.website.com
Bruce A. Bienvenue Broker I want to thank you for visiting WV Land, Farm & Home Realty website. I retired from sales with Procter & Gamble after 27 years. My wife and I moved to West Virginia ten years ago. At that time, I obtained my real estate license. After working for two Franchised organizations, for six years, I decided to obtain my brokers license. It has been my experience that the internet has leveled the playing field between independent and franchised brokers. With the use of our website, the Central West Virginia MLS and the use of the number one website, (according to the Wall Street Journal), landandfarm.com; coupled with our local advertising, we can give your listing the maximum exposure. Our exposure to the buying public is as good as any franchise real estate agency. Remember, when you are working with a real estate office that is affiliated with a franchise, you are still working with a local broker. Their attitude and methods DO make the difference in the relationship between the seller and agent or buyer and agent. Although we are new company, we have over 20 years combined experience in the field of real estate. Our professional and experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with the finest customer service available in this area! At WV Land, Farm & Home Realty, we do not just sell property. We find a match between the buyer's needs and the seller's property. Finding the right property for a buyer is our number one priority. We not only work with our listings and the MLS, but we also co-broke with any Real Estate office in WV. We want to make your real estate experience a pleasant and memorable one. We welcome your comments about our website and look forward to serving you.

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