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2 Belize Properties For Sale

Only $850 an Acre: Timbering, Agriculture.Only $850 an Acre: Timbering, Agriculture.

15,000 acres land for sale in Orange Walk, Belize with an asking price of $12,750,000. Excellent opportunity for: Sustainable timbering, as certified by The Government of Belize - Would qualify property for carbon credit Mineral/oil exploration ... (See More Property Details)


Belize Waterfront 3 Square Feet Caribbean  Residential And Holiday ParksCaribbean Residential And Holiday Parks

3,600 square feet land and home for sale in San Ignacio, Belize with an asking price of 2,920. Introduction We are a Caribbean holiday and residential home estate in Cayo Belize a few miles away from San Ignacio town center. Located between the Mopan... (See More Property Details)

2 Belize Properties For Sale


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